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Meat Tacos

How Our Marketplace Works

  • Upcoming week's menus are posted online every Saturday or you can sign up to receive weekly emails.

  • All meals are delivered to your home – free of charge. 

  • Meals serve 2, 4, or 6. When you receive it, it is fully cooked and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days before reheating and serving or store and reheat by the 'Good Until' date on the label.

  • There are no food modifications allowed – we are sorry but we do not have that capability. We will note ingredients but cannot allow special orders, sauces on sides, or modifications.

  • Reheat instructions are on the label but feel free to reheat however you like. You can reheat right in the delivery pan.

  • Each day's meal is only available on the offered day. For instance, Monday Meal is only available on Monday.

  • If you ever know anyone who may need food we often have extra various parts of the meals at the end of the day – we are happy to give those to others. Contact us to see if we have extra food to donate. If we have meals that are not ordered but are prepared we donate them here. If you have an organization that can use them, ad hoc, please contact us.

  • As we move forward this may change, but we will keep you updated – thank you!

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Precautions & Process During COVID-19

  • We are a catering company with no customer-facing restaurant. Many of you are getting to know us through our family meals. You don't know us from our wedding and event catering services. For both sets of customers, we want to inform you and assure you in this uncertain time of who we are and how we operate.

  • Our kitchen is part of the Piedmont Food Processing Center (PFAP) in Hillsborough. We do not have a restaurant and, currently, NO ONE that is not a staff member is allowed inside the facility. Additionally, EVERYONE must wear mask coverings at all times while inside the building. Finally, with a 100 health inspection rating, ServSafe training, and all the normal sanitation steps we take, we want to assure you that we take COVID-19 and the health concerns of all of those around us seriously.

  • We will always only be Curbside Pick Up or Delivery. We have no storefront or place for the public to interact with groups. There are 5-6 of us who are preparing, cooking, and producing your food – that's it. All of our office staff are still working from home. The other companies working within PFAP are equally as committed to health sanitation standards and staff requirements. There are hand sanitation stands everywhere and, of course, hand washing is happening constantly – but that's always the case!

  • All of us at the PFAP take this seriously and have ALWAYS taken sanitation seriously because we work closely with neighboring companies. How one company operates matters to the group.

  • We will all be wearing masks and gloves when interacting with you – whether you are picking up or we are delivering. For Delivery, we will leave the bag on your front step and let you know it has arrived via text. You will not need to sign anything or interact if you don't want to. We like a wave and smile but nothing more required!

  • We have no food modifications right now because we take allergies seriously and given the tight staffing to ensure the safety of those workers we are not able to give that level of per meal detail we would normally do for a catering event. Please understand that this is to be the most cautious for those of you with allergies.

  • If you have questions, concerns, or thoughts for us you can always email us – we welcome the feedback!

  • Thank you for ordering from us, trusting in us and supporting us! We love our community.

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